Thursday, 5 July 2012

Brian Lara International Cricket 2005 - Full Version

Brian Lara International Cricket 2005 (BLIC) (also known as Ricky Ponting Cricket in Australia and New Zealand) is a cricket video game from Codemasters, available on Xbox, PlayStation 2 and Windows PC platforms. released on 21 July 2005, which was the first day of the 2005 Ashes series. The game is followed by Brian Lara International Cricket 2007 (Ricky Ponting International Cricket 2007 in Australia and New Zealand and Yuvraj Singh International Cricket in India).
This game is the follow-up to Brian Lara Cricket '99 (also known as Shane Warne Cricket '99 in Australia and New Zealand). It contains the 2003 Cricket World Cup in Africa and the 2004 ICC Champions Trophy. These two competitions are licensed by the International Cricket Council (ICC) and contain official player names, faces, kits, badges and sponsors. All other modes are unofficial as the rights for these belong to EA Sports and therefore some players and kits are made up; for example Graham Thorpe becomes "G Thrip" and Shane Warne becomes "S Worde". The only correct names in these modes are Brian Lara himself, (shown as "B Lara"), and Australian Captain Ricky Ponting (similarly shown as R Ponting). The game is also first to include licensed bats such as the Kookaburra Diablo and the GM Purist. The game takes the perspective of the normal cricket TV coverage, other views and displays in the game also try to emulate TV coverage of cricket, for example Hawk-Eye, an electronic system used to track cricket balls as they are bowled is featured in the game.

Brian Lara International Cricket 2005 will deliver all the atmosphere and excitement of major international cricket, in One Day, Tests and Tournaments, and have the perfect balance of gripping gameplay whether batting, bowling or fielding.

In a tense battle between batting and bowling, its your chance to defend the honour of your chosen country in gripping One-Day Internationals, atmospheric Test Matches, fast Double Wicket games, challenging tournaments and even historic clashes – including the Test Match of 1882, which led to the creation of the Ashes!
In addition to the world's best cricket players and stadia from around the world, Brian Lara International Cricket also includes a classic squad featuring some of the greatest names from cricket history.
If you want to get your skills up to international standards, there are Practice Nets to get in shape and then, when you're ready to play alongside the world's best, the full team and player editing lets you pick the squad.
Get out on the pitch and experience the fluid, dynamic gameplay mechanics that make batting, bowling and fielding equally enthralling to play.
You'll be bowling bouncers and hitting sixes in no time if you can take the deliveries from the professionals.
If you're feeling really competitive, there's multiplayer action for up to four players, with 2 players per team. Players can join the team at any time during a match, providing perfect drop in or drop out play – perfect if you're engaged in a 5-day Test!
Visually reflecting the contemporary style of televised cricket, the game will also offer intelligent commentary from some of the biggest and recognisable names in cricket, including Jonathan Agnew, David Gower and Ian Bishop.


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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Faysal Bank Super 8 T20 - Full Version

Must follow these steps,if you want your game to work properly.
Download all parts of the patch in .RAR files anywhere you want & Extract them.
Run "Faysal Bank T20 Super 8 Patch.EXE" and Install the patch in your EA SPORTS CRICKET 2007's Root Directory.
Copy the "eaep.vp6" file from data folder & Paste it in the "Data" folder in your EA SPORTS CRICKET 2007's Root Directory.[/B]
Copy the music.big file from "Faysal Bank Jukebox Music Patch" & Paste it in "Audio" folder and the xml with it in EA SPORTS CRICKET 2007's Root Directory.
Copy both the crowd_sfx from "Faysal Bank Boundary Music Patch" & Paste it in your EA SPORTS CRICKET 2007's Root Directory.
Copy "FBank.ros" from the roster folder & Paste it in "EA SPORTS(TM) Cricket 07" located in My Documents.
In game, Load the "FBank.ros" first, & Start playing realistic & anticipated Pakistan Domestic Patch!


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EA Sports Cricket IPL 5 - Full Version

Biggest Patch ever
All things updated
All new Kits
All team logos
All Stadiums
Now India has Chennai and Mumbai Stadiums
Pakistan Abudhabi
Misc has Chittokong
All new roster with International,Australian Domestic,English County,IPL,BPL....
All Pitchads(each Country each pitchad assigned!)
All HD overlays(each Country each overlay assigned!)
All Stumps(each Country each stumps assigned!)
All Outfields(each Country each outfield assigned!)
All Faces
New Gameplay
New boundary music patch
All updated Fixtures
Updated TEXT
Freshly Installed EA Sports Cricket 2007
ZaxWillowz 256 BatPack Download Here ZaxWillowz256-Unpacker.exe [Password: twofivesix]
Install this Batpack into your EA Sports Cricket 2007 Root folder.

The Downloaded rar File Contains:
BBL-PATCH.EXE [Must be installed first into a freshly Installed EA Sports Cricket 2007. Make sure you do not install IPL-PATCH.EXE then, because it contains IPL stuffs like fixtures, menu etc. If you're Done playing BBL Patch, then you can Switch to IPL with that Installer.]
IPL-BBL.ros Folder [Copy this folder & Paste in 'EA SPORTS(TM) Cricket 07' folder in My Documents]
Switch to IPL Folder [This folder Contains IPL-PATCH.EXE, if you're done playing BBL Patch, run this installer to get IPL Patch Files i.e Menu, Fixture, text files etc, If you want to switch back to BBL, run the BBL-PATCH.EXE installer again]
Read_Me [Contains necessary Instructions.]

Download & Install "ZaxWillowz™,The Ultimate 256 Batpack". Can be downloaded here ZaxWillowz256-Unpacker.exe
(Password: twofivesix) into your EA SPORTS CRICKET 2007's Root Directory.
Extract the downloaded Patch Files named "A² Studios' KFC Big Bash League Patch.RAR" to any Directoy of your choice.
Run "BBL-SETUP.EXE" and install the patch in your EA SPORTS CRICKET 2007's Root Directory.
Copy "IPL-BBL.ros" Folder & Paste in "EA SPORTS(TM) Cricket 07" folder located in My Documents.
In game, Load the "IPL-BBL.ros" first, & start playing Realistic BBL Patch.
If you're done playing BBL Patch, & want to switch to IPL tournament just run "IPL-SETUP.EXE" & install it into your EA SPORTS CRICKET 2007's Root Directory. If You want to play BBL again just Install "BBL-SETUP.EXE" again.

How to Play BPL Tournament:
In Main Menu, go to My Cricket, and load the Roster 'IPL-BBL.ros'
Set the Fixtures as 2006 and Overs as 20
Select the team of your choice.
And start enjoying Big Bash League Patch!

How to Play IPL Tournament:
Install IPL-PATCH.EXE, after you have installed BBL-PATCH.EXE [in your Cricket 2007 Root Directory]
In Main Menu, go to My Cricket, and load the Roster 'IPL-BBL.ros'
Select DLF IPL T20
Set the Fixtures as 2006 and Overs as 20
Select the team of your choice.
And start enjoying IPL Patch!


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EA Sports Cricket 2011 DLF IPL 4 - Full Version

A² Studios' IPL 4 "The Cricket Fever" Patch for EA Cricket 2007

MUST MUST MUST Follow These steps, if you want your game to work properly. Else Don't complaint about Errors!

 Extract the downloaded RAR File "A² Studios' IPL-4 Patch" to any Directoy of your choice.

 Run "IPL4PATCH.EXE" and install the patch in your EA SPORTS CRICKET 2007's Root Directory.

3. Download & Install "ZaxWillowz™,The Ultimate 150 Bat pack".

 IN A² Studios' IPL-4 FOLDER copy All the files from "Extras" folder & paste to your Cricket 2007 Root Directory. But Don't copy/install the IPL4.ros present in that FOLDER!

 Copy "IPL4.ros" Folder which is included with the IPL4Patch.exe & Paste in "EA SPORTS(TM) Cricket 07" located in My Documents.

 In game, Load the "IPL4.ros" first, & start playing Realistic IPL-4 Patch!

Additional Information:
 The "A² Studios' IPL-4" Contains:
IPL4PATCH.EXE [Needs to be installed first]
IPL4.ROS [Look for 5th Step In the INSTALLATION Section]
PLAYOFFS Folder [This folder contains the Chennai Stadium & umpires kit for playoffs, Copy all the files from the folder & paste in you Cricket 07 root Directory only when, you've qualified for the Final, for realistic Final Environment.]
 After You've installed the IPL4PATCH.EXE, you'll find two folders in your main cricket 2007 folder.

 Blue Menu Folder [By default we have included the Orange Menu, But if you want to have blue menu, Copy the .FSH file from that folder & paste in your Cricket 2007 Main Directory.]

Umpire kits [By default we have included Red umpire Kit, but if you want to have black kit, Copy the .FSH file from that folder & paste in your Cricket 2007 Main Directory.]


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EA Cricket 2012 KFC IPL 4 - Full Version

EA Cricket 2007 is a cricket simulation computer game from EA Sports and developed by HB Studios. It is available for Windows and PlayStation 2. The game was released in the UK on 24 November 2006 and in Australia on 14 November 2006. The cover of Cricket 07features England and Lancashire cricketer Andrew Flintoff, and the Australian release cover pictures the Ashes urn with the Australian and English flags behind it.

Key Features
Groundbreaking Control
Use the intuitive dual analog Century Stick batting system to select foot choice, shot direction, power and timing. With button controls to loft shots and advance down the track, you're free to crack a full array of shots all around the wicket. Success with the bat also relies upon your batsman's individual skills, allied with his confidence level. A confident batsman maximises his potential to time his shots sweetly - maintaining high confidence can make or break his ability to build a big innings.
New Cameras
Innovative views from behind the batsman offer a realistic batting perspective, and a reworked Broadcast camera gives you a wider view of the play for more authentic coverage.
Quick play Cricket
Play cricket your way by setting your own pace. Crank up the game speed, ease back the difficulty setting and revel in the razzmatazz of Limited Overs or fully-licensed Twenty20 extravaganzas by playing a fast-blast match of hard-hitting sixes - or slow the pace down, slide the difficulty up and steel yourself for a five day Test.
Greater Depth
A new picture-in-picture display with a shot timing gauge coupled with a running assistance indicator and radar help you make those snap decisions out there in the middle. On-the-fly Dynamic Field Positioning and Quickswitch bowling give you the ability to ratchet up the pressure on the batsmen by changing the field and the bowler's line of attack without a break in play.


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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 - Full Version

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Full Version PC Game

ICC Cricket World Cup (2011)-

Real player Names
Real Teams Kts
Real player Bats,gloves,pads,gaurds
Ipl 8 Teams with play Dlfa ipl tornaments
In this game player HD faces are reality
ipl latest update
stadium update
kit pack update

 How to install:

this game is direct play on your computer
1.extract all cricket 2011 (first run this game after going on step 2)
2.double click on ipl rooster pack and select my documents/EA SPORTS(TM) Cricket 07
3.done & enjoy


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International Cricket Captain 2010 - Full Version

International Cricket Captain is back for the fascinatingly poised 2010 season. With up to date competitions, greater realism, and packed with features and stats, Cricket Captain 2010 will once again raise the bar in cricket management gaming. Take control of your favourite side from the English County, International or Australian Domestic system. You control your team's fortunes. Have you got what it takes to be a world champion.

More game play options & features
  Full schedule of limited overs and 20 over world cup fixtures, including the 20 over world cup game mode.
 New Australian domestic cricket circuit, including first class, one day and 20 over competitions.
  New English cricket competitions, including the 20 over league packed with overseas stars.
  More aggressive and challenging match engine captures the modern game to perfection.
  Play on-line with your English or Australian domestic team.
  Sign reserve overseas players and specialist 20 over players
  Improved vice-captain when skipping matches.

Complete statistical update
  Complete database of every current first class, list-A limited overs and twenty over player from around the world (over 3000 players).
  Comprehensive domestic and international fixture lists.
  New sort and search database interface, including career strike rates for batsmen.
  Accurate batsmen aggression ratings and improved player rating system.

England selection Match interface - bowling
  Long term test and ODI AI picks improved
 AI bidding improvement to create more balanced teams and more competition for top players
  Ability to declare during intervals
 AI for close finishes and twenty over matches improved for more nail-biters
  Batting aggression realism improved, to reflect real matches
  Fielding engine enhanced to give greater accuracy and boost highlights watching
  New in-game tips to help you master the game
  Auto-simulation removes the need for clicking next over – sit back and relax as the cricket unfolds in front of your eyes


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